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Sanfilippo Mirror Me



The thread has a size of 82mm.

9 different adapters are available.

So it is no problem to attach a small lens with the size of e.g. 49mm to the mirror with the 82mm thread.

The mirror will be sent safely in high-quality packaging.

As soon as the mirror is attached to a lens, you can use the mirror as such and start taking pictures immediately.


Which make-up Youtuber doesn’t know it. You want to put on make-up in front of the camera and interact with the camera at the same time. But to put on make-up you have to hold a mirror in your hand. The mirror covers half the face and is very unwieldy. The videos don’t look particularly nice. With the Sanfilippo Mirror Me, we have now launched a product that solves this problem. Mirror Me links mirror and camera to form a unit and a fixed point. When shooting the video, you can see yourself in the mirror and look directly into the camera. Whether it’s making up or styling your hair, no matter what you’re doing, you always see yourself while looking at the camera at the same time. This will make your videos look much nicer and more professional.
The mirror can be attached to any lens with a filter thread using an adapter from the Sanfilippo Wing it Step up ring.
Only the highest quality materials were used for the Mirror Me. The frame was milled from a block of aluminum, is extremely stable and cannot be broken without effort. The mirror is highly reflective and translucent on both sides thanks to its special coating. This is the only reason why it is possible to see yourself in the mirror while you can record videos or pictures without noticeable loss of brightness through the mirror.
1. You can look directly into the camera lens while showing something in front of the camera and see yourself 2. You don’t have to hold a mirror in your hand 3. You have both hands free 4. The view goes directly into the camera and not somewhere else where a mirror is set up as an aid. The video looks more professional.
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