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11 PCS Red Eye Brush Kit


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Cruelty-Free & Vegan Steak Free Application

100% Soft and easy to use

Up to 99% Bacteria Free, Reduce Breakouts, acne

Give the Best Control of Grip when Applying Eye Makeup

11 pcs Eye Brush Kit

High-Grade – the included belt pouch feels very luxurious and durable

The JADE SERIES – 11 PCS EYE BRUSH KIT with every brush you need for eyes. Any makeup artist of any level can use this versatile kit for editorial or artistic makeup. Coming with a belt pouch, that you can easily take your brushes anywhere.
Use the blending brush to buff your eye primer for a more vibrant look. Buff your transition shade using the crease brush into your natural eyelid crease. This will make your eyeshadow gradient smooth. You can then add details and darker eyeshadow shades with your smaller crease brushes and pencil brushes. Add detail under your eye with the pencil brush. You can create a smooth cat wing with the eyeliner brush and the perfectly defined brow with the angled brush. Pro Tips: Tap off any excess powder from your eyeshadow brush before applying it to your lid.
Vegan Corn Synthetic – Just as soft as natural animal hairs. High-Grade – the included belt pouch feels very luxurious and durable
#1 – Large Blending Brush #2 – Medium Blending Brush #3 – Small Blending Brush #4 – Big Eyeshadow Brush #5 – Medium Eyeshadow Brush #6 – Small Eyeshadow Brush #7 – Angled Eyebrow Brush #8 – Pencil Brush #9 – Precision Blending Brush #10 – Detail Brush #11 – Bent Tip Eyeliner Brush
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